OCD Trails came about by combining the two things we love the most, , walking amongst Africas Big 5, and riding our mountain bikes.

Walking safaris is where we have our roots and we were highly qualified and very experienced Dangerous Game Trails Guides long before we started riding our mountain bikes in Big 5 areas.

We choose to conduct our walking safaris in the beautiful and pristine wilderness areas of the Kruger National Park and the adjoining Greater Kruger National Park, where we regularly encounter the Big 5, as well as the rest of the astounding biodiversity that  can be found in this incredible and vast world famous conservation area.


As with our MTB Safaris, there are various options when it comes to accommodation on Walking Safaris. These range from fully catered and very comfortable safari lodges, to permanently erected tented base camps or to very Rustic Bush Camps where you bring your own vehicle, tent, camping equipment, cooking equipment, food, water, shower and toilet paper. Our Rustic Bush Camps are perfectly suited to adventurous outdoors people who love camping.

The one thing all these different types of accommodation have in common is that every morning and every afternoon we will leave the camp on foot and head out on a bush walk to see what wonders we can find out in the bush, and every night we will sit under the African stars around a camp fire and recall the days adventures.


Please fell free to contact us for more information on the various options for accomidation on our Walking Safaris.

The ultimate way to experience the African bush in all her splendor is to join us for a 4 day Backpack trail in the Kruger National Park.

 There is no better way to see, feel, touch, taste and smell Africa.

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