The choices may seem quite overwhelming when trying to decide which package is the rite option for you. Where do you even start...?

Should you do a Tour or a Trail?

Should you choose supported or unsupported, fully catered or self catered...

So many options!

Let us walk you through the decision making and planning process.

So... you have decided you want to do a multi day MTB activity in South Africas Lowvelt, exploring some beautiful places in South Africa.


Lets get started...

The first question is, do you want to cycle with Africas Big 5 or not?

If you answered "YES, I want the sights, sounds and smells of the wild African bush and the excitement of Africa's Big Game!" then you are looking at a Big 5 MTB Trail.

If you answered "NO, I prefer relaxed scenic rides, hotel beds and cultural interests" then you are looking at an Organised MTB Tour. 

We will cover each separately below.

Big 5 MTB Trails

Our Big 5 MTB Trails are 4 day (3 night) long trails that take place in either the northern part of the Kruger National Park, or in the private Big 5 reserves of the Greater Kruger National Park.

Our Big 5 MTB Trails can accommodate up to 8 riders, and are led by two qualified, experienced and armed Trails Guides.

Our nightly accommodation is usually unfenced and out in the bush where we can simply ride out of camp every morning for our days cycling. We do not aim to cover a set distance each day, but prefer to see what each new day brings as we go. We might find fresh lion tracks just outside the camp and decide we would like to follow them and see what we find...

Thus our days have no planned distance or direction, we simply take it as it comes. You can expect to cycle between 20km and 40km a day, at a relaxed pace, over varied terrain, and learn a wealth of interesting facts about the animals, tracks, birds and trees we find along the way. We could encounter any of Africas amazing animals, both big and small. It is not about the distances we cover, it is about the experiences we have and the animals we find, or that find us! 

Accommodation options will vary depending on your budget requirements. You have the option to choose between very comfortable safari lodges, in beautiful settings, with all modern luxuries like a swimming pool and wi-fi, or, what we call a "fly camp" which consists of two man canvas tents and (hot) bucket showers in an unfenced camp out in the bush. Fly camps are rustic with no electricity, but still very comfortable and there is no better way to get closer to Nature. Animals often wonder through the fly camps by day and by night.

All accommodation options have hot showers, comfortable beds, camp fires to sit around

under the African stars, plenty of great wholesome food and an endless supply of cold beer at the end of a good days riding.

Tubeless tyres are ESSENTIAL for any trail in Africa.

Organised MTB Tours

Our Organised Tours happen outside of Big 5 (Dangerous Game) areas.

They still have the option of cycling through beautiful bush veld areas and experiencing Africas beautiful plains game like zebra, impala, giraffe, kudu, warthogs, monkeys and many others, but we will not encounter any of the Big 5. 

Our Organised Tours also have the option to cycle through some areas with spectacular natural beauty, cultural history, or just plain and simple great MTB trail riding areas.


Organised Tours can accommodate groups of up to 10 cyclists, and are also guided by two professional trails guides. They involve a transport vehicle for all 12 people (10 guests and 2 giudes), a big trailer which carries the luggage and of course all the bikes. The vehicle is used to cover long distances, transporting us from one area of interest to the next. Once we get to the next area of interest we will disembark from the vehicle, saddle up the bikes and cycle on from there.

Expect to cycle between 40km and 60km per day, at a relaxed pace, over varied terrain. (Ebikes are welcome). One guide will drive the vehicle, following behind the cyclists while the other guide leads the group.

Accommodation will depend on your preferences and budget requirements, and can range from luxury hotels to bed 'n breakfasts.

Organised Tours can vary in length from 4 days to two weeks and can be taylor made to your requirements, depending on how much of this beautiful country you wish to explore. We are also not limited to the Lowveld and can guide you where ever you would like to explore in South Africa.

Routes are dependant on planned overnight stops and although we try our best to avoid cycling on tar roads, sometimes they are unfortunately unavoidable.

Tubeless tyres are ESSENTIAL for any Tour we do in Africa.