"A huge thank you for all your effort you have gone to to look after us so well over the last 3 days. Thanks also for sharing your incredible knowledge and experience with us. Your knowledge and experience is exceptional! Much appreciated indeed."

Koos & Liza Bornman

"Always felt safe and enjoyed every moment. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for the bush. It was a privilege."

Seef & Haneke

"Never have we ever... had such an amazing guide. You started on a back foot, but defiantly exceeded all our expectations. Together with Aadil, you made up a very professional, awesomely informative and extremely Good Fun Trip. We'll be back... Still have so much more to learn from you. Thank you."

Janine, Marcia, Sara, Caroline, Karla, Phil, Sam & Susan.

"That was a fantastic experience. The detail! Each little stop was an awesome learning experience! From crocodile poo to lions hairballs... Too many memories to record, but the fireside chats brought them alive again. Many many thanks from the guests who left their pot behind!!"

Elinor, Stephen, Claire, Michael, Simon, Patrick, Franzi & Philipp.